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​Be the ENVY of your friends...

For Your Pet

Safe and natural washes, sprays, and salves to suit every pet. 

Saddle Soap

Deeply cleanse and condition dusty and dried out leather. Imparts shine & 'grippiness'. 

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Green with Envy specializes in producing only the highest quality natural products for you, your home, & your pets. Each of our ingredients is properly sourced to promote sustainability and safety. When you choose our products you know that you are doing good not only for yourself but for your planet.

Bleach Replacement

Safe for use on all washable fabrics. Will disinfect and make your clothes soft and touchable.



This section features our favorite multi-purpose products.

Deodorant Balm

Stay fresh all day with odor fighting ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda. Vegan.


For Your Home

Eco-friendly household cleaning supplies and detergents. 

For You

Straight-from-nature shampoos, soaps, and balms in delightful scents.